Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you, Samsung Philippines!

 As of this writing, Devant brand claimed the very first ISDB-T-compliant TV to be sold in the Philippine market. We've seen some of the items and it looks perfectly receiving free-to-air HD signals via GEM HD and those 3 subchannels from NBN.

But other brands also have those digital TV-ready items being sold particularly in major appliance stores in malls, but with different DTV standard, which is not compelling with the Philippine DTT broadcast standard. With this, we've been trying to contact those major TV brand manufacturers on reselling those LCD and LED TVs with built-in ISDB-T tuners which comes from Japan and Brazil.

Apparently, Samsung Philippines just replied to our letter:


Hello, we are DTV Pilipinas, the only online organization of information about the Philippines' transition to digital television. We would like to clarify to your kind office that the country will be using the Japanese DTV standard ISDB-T, instead of the European DVB-T and DVB-T2. As we've browsed your products especially those LCD and LED TVs being sold out on the Philippine market, we've seen such products still incorporated with DVB-T tuners.

With this, we would like to ask for your good office that you should also sell those televisions with ISDB-T tuners, just like in Brazil, which has the ISDB-T International standard. People should now be aware of the upcoming analog shut-off and also aware of buying new LCD TVs with DTV tuners instead of buying another set top box for them to receive digital channels on-air.

Thanks and God bless.
 And here is their answer:
Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines.

Please allow us to endorse your feedback to our technical head.

Thank you for supporting Samsung Products. Should you have further
inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-10-7267864. We will
be glad to be at your service!

Please do not reply back to this email message as this email address is
used for outbound messages only.


Samsung Philippines
We're looking forward for them selling those premium items of Samsung maybe next year. But for now, we should first knock on NTC's doors to fasten up the debate for the final DTT standard for the Philippines.

P.S. I hope it shouldn't be a computer-generated message. Fail.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Any update on Samsung selling ISDB-T ready TV's?

Anonymous said...

just got one
but i dont know how to set it up for dtv :(