Saturday, May 14, 2011

DTV Pilipinas Poll: What features do you like to be included on your Set-Top-Box?

We do have the survey about how people will respond on the needs of the features they like to have in their set top boxes in the future. Here are the top likes as of May 14, 2011

So we do have the need of HDMI ports on the lead, garnering 31 likes among DTV Pilipinas and other Facebook members. To think Filipinos do have to experience what high definition means, they even like to have HDMI post on the STB sooner enough as those will be available in the market.

Next will be the 17-pointer EWBS or Emergency Warning Broadcast System. For us, it is the main course of ISDB-T as being adopted here in the Philippines. The country is not different in Japan, except those mealtime tsunamis and earthquakes, but to see those earth-rumbling disasters like flashfloods and typhoons, EWBS is one solution to give Filipinos a better emergency alert better than SMS based communication system.

Tied at 11 points, having Remote Control, Composite out, or Multi-purpose USB Port is a need for Filipino STBs for future digital TV.

To see other related choices, better follow the Facebook Poll started by ours here.

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