Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exclusive: ABS-CBN DTV Premium Channels in Free-Encrypted System

It seems like people are getting too much excited for the future of Philippine television a few months away from now. ABS-CBN, on its road to digital TV, is very prepared for the comeback of its launch, back in 2007. Today, they’re much ready to deploy its DTT service nationwide after almost five years of preparation, planning and organization of ideas to make the transition to digital television go faster than expected.

For now, the media conglomerate just awaits the NTC’s rules and regulation for digital TV broadcast standard, whether they go for the chosen one, or choose another new standard, but as soon as possible, ABS-CBN can implement, as we’ve said earlier, which of which standard, either of the two being reviewed by the governing body.

People are craving for its deployment, also for what those five new channels would be. According to the press launch of the network last April, they will spread those channels being categorized according to family’s needs; what mothers and fathers do like, as well as the youth and kids. Basically, we’re thinking of ABS-CBN’s cable channels via Creative Programs Inc. (CPI) being shown on cable TV providers.

Beforehand, the network plumped for conditional access system for the package of the DTV Digibox. This will be tagged as free-encrypted channels; free as in free-to-air, but encrypted for ABS-CBN’s digital TV set top boxes. We’ve been expecting for this one, since the market will be their priority at first. But again, ABS-CBN deals people to buy the box for one-time fee, and enjoy those premium channels for a lifetime, unlike cable subscriptions that do have to be paid monthly.

With this, ABS-CBN also opens up a new market and strategy for offering add-ons. Through encryption system, the network also has plans to go with pay-per-view channels whenever you want to watch 24/7 programs or even premium worldwide hit events. Conversely, we’re much worried for the encryption system of TV networks in the future. Let’s say GMA Network will also go premium, too, as well as TV5 and other networks. Do all networks have a standard for the encryption system, or they will be outsourcing different from one another? As we always say, NTC has the last words for this.

Back to those premium or free-encrypted channels, what exactly are those? Well, sources from people who do have been chosen by the network from the current DTV tests in Central Luzon claims those five were ANC, Hero TV, CgeTV, Knowledge Channel and Myx. But the official deployment of DTT service by ABS-CBN will not include those five, except Knowledge Channel, which is publicly stated a year ago it will be part of the future digital TV service.

Exclusively speaking, ABS-CBN will be having a news channel for dads, a movie channel for moms, a music channel for the youth, and a cartoon/anime channel, as well as educational channel (Knowledge Channel) for the kids. We’ll spill it out for you guys, but still we shouldn’t market it all, for ABS to tell it officially what those are in the next months. Let your minds guess, but two of them are new and three will go free-to-air.

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