Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Broadband TV News: Philippines considers DVB-T2 switch

Less than a year after adopting the Japanese ISDB standard, the Philippines National Telecommunications Commission is considering a move to DVB-T2.
The Manila Standard quoted NTC deputy commissioner Carlo Juan Martinez as saying the Presidential office, known as the Malacañang had ordered the regulator to consider the use of the newer European standard.
The DVB group is on a high following last November’s decision by South Africa to drop ISDB in favour of DVB-T2.
An investigation into DVB-T2 is running concurrent to the drafting of the rules for the implementation of ISDB.
According to Martinez the directive could cause a delay in the introduction of either standard. “It is possible that both the issuance of rules and its implementation will be delayed. But we are hoping not since the review will not take a long time,” he said.

Martinez added that the additional expense involved in a DVB-T2 deployment meant its chances of introduction were slim. - Julian Clover, dated 17 May 2011, 09:38 AM.
Source: Broadband TV News

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