Sunday, May 22, 2011

DTV Pilipinas Android App Available

Well, we're going with the flow, guys. With the use of AppsGeyser, we have made our DTV Pilipinas Android App connected with our Blogspot web link for mobile use. You can now connect to us, receive the latest and freshest news and updates on the digital world of television in the Philippines, plus the remarkable articles and infopics made by the admins of DTV Pilipinas, all in one Android app.

To download our beta version, just click this one >> DOWNLOAD.

Or simply add this QR Code to download the app for Android:

What are the requirements to run Apps? 
To run AppsGeyser Apps, your Android OS version must be 2.1 or higher, and you must have an Internet connection enabled. For Apps that use Flash, you´ll need Adobe Flash Player installed. Search Android Market for "adobe flash" to find and install the Flash Player. 
I start an App but I don´t see anything. Why?
If your App doesn´t run or is running incorrectly, there are several possible reasons:
  • 1. Your Android OS version is lower than 2.1
  • The App is using Flash and you don´t have Adobe Flash Player installed
  • You haven´t established an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile network
  • The App is made using web grabber, and the web content is too complicated to run as App.
  • The App content was removed
  • The App content is incorrect (for example, a web widget from which the App was created is not correct).
NOTE: If you do have any remarks on the app, something suspicious or bugs being seen, please report to us immediately. Thanks.

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