Friday, October 28, 2011

PTV-4 data broadcast revamp; almost look like Gem HD’s

With the revamp of Gem HD’s data broadcast almost a month ago, People’s Television Network (formerly National Broadcasting Network) Channel 4 also got a revamp of their datacast in line with the current upgrades of the government television station since President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address.


Powered by Access, Village Island and Zoomya, PTV-4’s former data broadcast was presented in plain gray color, showing some of the network’s program IDs below the live TV stream. On the sidebar right of the live program, it shows, NBN’s logo, current date and time, headline news and weather updates.


Going revamped, today’s PTV datacast now stuns in dazzling red, with signboard and current date and time on top. Sidebar goes left, showing off the logos of those three companies who made PTV-4’s datacast more beautiful. Below is a feed from PTV’s Twitter account (@PTVph), which almost look familiar with Gem HD’s datacast, providing MMDA’s Twitter stream. News headlines are also below its live program feed, same from Gem. This is because Access was also the one who made the new look of Gem HD’s datacast.

The datacast feature is only one of the key features of the Japanese ISDB-T standard, the country's future official DTV standard.

Take a look of the photos courtesy of Ms. Cashmere Balisa of People’s Television Network.

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