Sunday, October 23, 2011

Japan MIC: Republic of Maldives adopted ISDB-T; second Asian country to do so

Its official! The Republic of Maldives wowed us as they officially adopt ISDB-T as the country’s DTV standard. Through the state-run Maldives Broadcasting Corporation or MNBC, Maldives decided to go ISDB-T in the afternoon of October 19, 2011 with signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between Japan and Maldives.

Geographically, Maldives is a small island in the Indian Ocean. In fact, ISDB-T is very appropriate to Maldives’ situation since the country is prone to disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. ISDB-T has what we call the Emergency Warning System to broadcast emergency alarms through television signals over the air.

Below is the current status quo of the digital terrestrial television around the world. As of now, Maldives is the second Asian country to adopt ISDB-T, next to Philippines back 11 June 2010 – dated 19 October 2011.

DTV Current Status Quo

Source: Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

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