Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take a look at the new Gem HD's data broadcast.

Since last year, we haven't found out what happened to Gem HD's data broadcast, long for datacast. As with  Admin-3's update, the datacast system of the network was haven't been refurbished since after the 2010 elections. News weren't updated, weather bulletins were not correctly forecasted. And even some of the info of the past are still in broadcast.

But now, Gem HD, the first and only high definition channel on digital free TV as of this writing, showcased another look for its datacast, as it now features updated news and weather forecasts in cool blue motif. Aside from that, Gem HD also gave way to update the latest traffic information coming from the official MMDA's Twitter site. This gives us Filipinos more interactive way of having daily doses of news and information straight, not only to our household TV sets, but also for the future portable TV sets, gadgets and mobile phones.

Aside from Gem HD, the National Broadcasting Network do also have its datacast. Though Gem HD was the first to have, NBN's data broadcast system was installed only earlier this year. The datacast feature is only one of the key features of the Japanese ISDB-T standard, the country's future official DTV standard.

Photos taken courtesy of our fellow member at DTV Pilipinas' Facebook Page.

As Tropical Cyclone Pedring heads up into Luzon, Gem HD
streams out the latest weather forecast through its datacast.
The official MMDA Twitter stream, a one-of-a-kind
data broadcast feature.
With the data broadcast, you can read all over a
news item through your TV sets.
Aside from news and information, you can also view some
of the network's program information through images.
The Gem HD's new datacast panel.

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