Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Devant shows off ABS-CBN DTV in the Metro

Known LCD TV manufacturer Devant, which claims to be the 1st among other TV brands that has an integrated ISDB-T digital TV tuner, shows off the current DTV line-up on Mega Manila. Through its thorough channel scanning, we found out that ABS-CBN is now beaming digital signals throughout the Metro using UHF Channel 43. Among those being scanned were the main ABS-CBN, its UHF channel Studio 23, and those five premium channels Cine Mo!, Yey!, Knowledge Channel, DZMM Teleradyo and Myx 2.

In line with the channel scanning, ABS-CBN uses the local channel numbering (LCN), or what we call virtual channeling, of Channel 11. ABS-CBN, on Channel 11.16, Studio 23 on 11.17, and the five premium channels above located at 11.18, 11.21, 11.22, 11.23 and 11.24 respectively. But prior to those premium channels of the network, those were not being shown on the Devant LED LCD TV since those premium channels are only accessed through the DTV Digibox, the ABS-CBN’s set top box brand.

What we were amazed is that ABS-CBN makes use of Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), the first among current digital free TV broadcasters Gem HD and PTV. With EPG, the name of the show being aired can be retrieved through data broadcast, even those programs that will be aired for the rest of the day, and even those programs that will be broadcasted for next week. For Devant, only the current show being aired is only retrieved.

Previously, we had our follower Daryl Bincal, who shared us a photo that the Devant LED LCD TV now shows ABS-CBN on digital free TV, aside from Gem HD and PTV (former NBN).


And to prove his contribution, we went to Trinoma Mall at Quezon City and talked to the Devant customer representatives about this matter. They gladly discussed about it somehow and we’ve posted a video showing the channels being accessed by the said Devant LED LCD TV.

Fore more information, kindly visit our updated DTV Pilipinas Digital Free TV Channel Listing.



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