Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Manila Bulletin: More countries adopting digital TV signal

MANILA, Philippines — The country is slowly moving towards the adoption of the far superior digital television signal that is expected to revolutionize not only the viewing experience but also communication and education. 
At the 12th Annual International Congress of the Federation of International Cable TV Associations of the Philippines (FICAP) at the historic landmark Manila Hotel, National Telecommunications (NTC) deputy commissioner Carlos Jose Martinez said analog television transmission will soon be phased out as other countries adopt digital TV signals. 
“Analog TV transmission will be shut off in the future, around five years. Analog receivers and equipment will be eventually phased out. Hence, the country has to prepare for the migration to digital TV in the same manner TV networks need an upgrade to digital TV facilities,” Martinez pointed out. 
At the NTC, Martinez said “preparations are being done for the introduction of digital TV broadcasting service” as the Philippines aligns itself with other countries which have shifted from analog to digital. 
A number of countries including U.S, Japan and other European nations started to implement digital broadcasting. The U.S. terminated its analog TV services and its now broadcasting in full digital TV. In Southeast Asia, Singapore commenced it digital TV service. 
“Other countries are to follow suit by terminating their analog TV in the couple of years,” he explained. 
The FICAP gathering has adopted the theme “Think Big, Grow Big, Go Digital,” underlying the group’s current push in switching from analog to digital TV signal by 2015. FICAP has around 800 members nationwide and more than 200 affiliates. 
FICAP national chair Estrellita Juliano-Tamano said the objective of the group is for all cable operators in the country to go to digital. - Raymund F. Antonio, dated 2 March 2011, 8:17 PM.
Source: Manila Bulletin

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