Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Manila Standard Today: NTC convening groups to make digital TV rules

The National Telecommunications Commission will start this week formulating the implementing rules and regulations to jump-start the country’s shift to digital television.
Commission on Information and Communications Technology chairman Ivan Uy told reporters the commission had given the go-signal to the NTC to convene the technical working and the frequency planning groups on digital TV.
“We recently gave the NTC the go-signal to start convening. By next week, they should start crafting the rules,” Uy said. He added that the frequency planning group, which is composed of a different set of officials, would seat with the technical people to determine the spectrum needed for digital TV.
He said the target shutdown of analog TV remained in 2015 despite the delay caused by the change in administration. “Early next year, the rules should be out,” he said.
Uy said an agreement will be signed with the Japanese government to formalize the selection of integrated services digital broadcasting technology as the official platform.
He said the formal agreement was needed to speed up the investments offered by the proponents of the Japanese standard, including the establishment of a facility that would assemble the set top boxes. - Jeremiah F. de Guzman, dated 30 November 2010.
Source: Manila Standard Today

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